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About us
We originally got into the dog world when we acquired two cross bearded/border collies “Holly” and “Tessa” and with them entered the dog obedience circuit.
Tessa one day proudly presented us with four pups, one of which we kept and named “Rogan”.
Rogan was quite a successful obedience competitor, the “Fetch” command being his favourite task! However his biggest accolade by far was when he won the Daily Mirror’s “Scruff of the Year” competition in 1977!
Dorothy and Rogan as featured in the Daily Mirror.
Imagine our surprise when 15 years later his story re-emerged in Martyn Lewis’ book “Dogs in the News” in 1992.
"One competition in Britain in 1977 saw owners keeping a particularly low profile, just in case people jumped to the wrong conclusions. Its title - "Scruff Of The Year"! But, as far as dogs are concerned, scruffiness is clearly a badge to be worn with pride - thousands of pets were sufficiently enamoured of their dishevelled appearance to inundate the Daily Mirror newspaper, who organised the competition, with pictures. There was no doubting who should step up and collar the first prize. Step up Rogan, a three year-old mongrel of rascally parentage, owned by Mrs Dorothy Winup of Bingley in West Yorkshire. His Tramp like exterior concealed an intelligence that had already won him several prizes in local obedience competitions - making him bright enough to share his mistresses clear pleasure in the £500 reward."
Our very first brush with the show world came when Lindsay obtained a Belgium Shepherd (Tervueren), a feisty character whom she named “Baron”.
Dorothy, who was not to be out done, bought our very first pedigree Border Collie – “Ellencrag Myrrh” and from then on we were hooked.
We soon realised that we needed an affix and, in trying to think of a suitable name, who better to represent us than our infamous old favourite, Rogan to front our name.
“Rogansrock” was born!
Ellencrag Myrrh
Over the following years we have made up two champions and successfully bred two champions

(SHCH) Beesting the Little Wiggener (Ingaar)
(SHCH) Beesting Zeberdee to Rogansrock
(SHCH) Beesting Rogansrock Gift
(AMCH) Rogansrock Gale Warning
The highlight of Zeb’s career was when he achieved Best Border Collie Dog at Crufts in 2001.
We are still thoroughly enjoying showing regularly and occasionally breeding our dogs.
(Please check our News section for current and future arrivals).
We will always have very fond memories of all our “oldies” and current “retired” pets, which have helped us, over the years, travel the Rogansrock journey.
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